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uses TÁ PAGO Meal and Food Vouchers

  • Automation of Benefits
  • Saving Time and Money!
  • Mobile payment. NO cards!
  • Works on any cell phone! (App or SMS)
  • Security and Technology!
  • Simple and Friendly System

* According to specific regulations of the PAT. PAT registry! No. 160459810

Watch the video and check out our advantages:

Simple, practical and safe

Check out how to make payments using TÁ PAGO

Mobile Payment

It's very simple! Inform your Social Security number, select your account and then enter the password generated in the App or received via SMS

Password Generator

See how easy it is! Select your Account, enter the value of the payment and click "Generate Password". Okay, your password is at hand! Do not worry about the password, the password will change every time.


Complete report in the palm of the hand! Simply select the account and open your complete statement with all transaction history, payments, places and dates.

QR Code

Now you can also pay using QR Code generated. Affiliates will read your QR Code to confirm the payment.


Search Affiliates nearst you

I Don't have SMARTPHONE!

No problems, you can use SMS to make payments.

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